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Originally Posted by anonny
Nice job........what year R80 did you start with and how much do you think should be budgeted (excluding R80) for such a project? Yes I am a thrifty shopped
I'm really curious what folks would answer to your question. I think it can be pretty scary. My G/S is not near being "trick" and yet I dread to think of how much money has gone (will go) into it. First, spares are terribly expensive. I've been pretty lucky with used parts, ebray, etc. but still. Second, any of the PD stuff, bags, etc. is terribly expensive. Third, any upgrades like alternator, lighting, better suspension, etc. is terribly expensive. Did I say it's terribly expensive?

Do the math: just to get a PD tank, solo saddle, and say an Ohlins rear, would set you back $2-3k if new.

The good news is that unless you're hardcore dirt oriented, the mostly stock G/S is a great bike. And most repairs can be done by the shade-tree mechanic (with a little ADV help ). And of course, if you take your time and with a little luck, you can score some good upgrades at reasonable prices.

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