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Here is the raw data on the forks. GS = 35" and the YZ = 37" long. On my bike I am reducing the length by 1" (travel too). I have increased the spring rate on the shock and this should allow the bike to ride higher in rear too.

After much discussion we decided that the ride height can be fine tuned (after setting the sag on both ends) with the extra inch of fork length by sliding it deeper into the triples. This is made easier by the bar risers already installed on my bike.

All that is to say that I am shooting for a very similar ride height as my Dakar had before. You will have a bit more trail with the YZ triples so you may want to experiment with lowering the front even more than standard to reduce the trail if it steers to slow.

Much of the improvement that I expect will come from less deflection from the more rigid front end. Think about the fact that we are going from a 41mm standard to a 46mm USD. The USD means that the area subject to the most deflection (where the lower triple clamps the fork tube) is now 58mm vs 41mm. Not to mention a much more sophisticated damping system, more travel and a lighter weight assembly.

My riding is more in line wth what you described. Rob hits it pretty hard from what I can tell....Based on his experience with a direct bolt on, I think I will be really happy with the matching rear and some additional tuning to the set up.

Now if we can just get the machine time to finish this up

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