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Originally Posted by Aries71
CUT it all out!!! AH AH that's funny !!!! That would be the easy way for sure, but I use the bike for commuting also and I must admit that ABS saved my ass a couple times (hot blonds in tight shorts are very distracting coming around a corner!!) I ride in the rain too and it did come in handy there also... or maybe I just have to slow down pay attention to what I'm doing LOL!!!.

Thanks for letting me in on the buy Rad, very appreciated.

NOTMY...How high did it make your bike? Is it comparable to a stock Dakar? Bit higher I imagine. Since i'll be using the bike as a all rounder height is definitely a consideration (i'd hate to fall over at a stop light LOL!!)

Hot blonds in tight short? Please dude, you live in Ontario. One week of sun light per year and the women look like polar bears . Just kidding, my wife is from New Brunswick (raised in Cali and looks more like a Cali beach bunny) and we spend a few weeks every year in NB and Nova Scotia. Also, Toronto. There truly are some beautiful women in Canada,but we'll keep that a secret .

As for ride height, one of the greatest things about this swap is that you gain not only travel, but sag. I appreciate the sag as much as the added height as this is what really matters when you're at seed over whoops. THis really depends on your riding style and ultimately, it's infinitely adjustable to fit what you do.

Mine is set to add 1" of height to the bike, and I have my triples dropped .75". When I redo my rear shock I will take that .75" out and go for the full height that it offers. I spend 90% of my time in the dirt, only hitting pavement to get to the dirt.
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