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Eek The Obstacles Get Larger

Never trust a guy driving a Toyota...

The technical terrain kept coming. I was far too busy riding to take many photos. I did have a tip-over after losing momentum climbing a ledge with loose rocks. A family sat in their large ATV and watched as I hefted the bike upright. I was standing below the bike now with no way to climb back onboard. I started the engine and worked very hard pushing alongside to get the bike up the ledges and back onto flat ground. Just as I got the bike on flat ground the ATV rider finally steps out to be "helpful". The only thing I wanted at that point was to know the easiest route out of here.

I don't have a pic of the area I tipped over in, but here's a couple shots of the damage;

Busted Pride...

...and a few scratches.

I did it! I made it to the top of this obstacle unassisted! Doesn't look to bad?

How about this perspective?

I'm sure I didn't look like a pro, but I DID IT!

I lost momentum here in the loose rocks and stalled the engine. I paddled the rest of the way up spinning the rear tire.

I actually reached this obstacle just as several ATVs and a Jeep crawled up. Several guys were standing in the rocks helping their friends up. I surely would've chickened out if I had time to think about it, but I wanted to take advantage of the help if needed. When it was my turn I simply went for it without hesitation. (I really didn't want to return the way I had come.)
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