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Originally Posted by Barnone
I've been lurking on the RE board. I sold one of my bikes the other day so I was looking at a new white Classic Bullet Classic at the local dealer here in SWFL. Beautiful bike but I am afraid of all the issues with the REs plus the local dealer was very poor at answering all my questions about the bike. I haven't owned a Brit bike since 1967 but still remember the many times that it let me down. I replaced that 650 BSA with a Suzuki X6 Hustler and just could not belive the reliability.
I realize that the TU250 is a small bike but that is what I am looking for. I've been up the bike ladder and am now happy being on the lower rungs. I figure that if the TU250 has at least the performance of my Yamaha XT225 then I could live with it.

My apologies for hijacking this thread.
The only place to buy an Enfield in Florida is from Gene & Whitey at Holopaw Corvette in Holopaw, Fl. (Ural dealer and legend, and Enfield dealer).

Performance should be equal or better than the xt225. But the Xt is a lithe machine and feels good. The TU just seems goofy. I am sure it is a good bike, but it seems like a Honda Super Hawk in a sea of larger motorcycles.

For the price of the TU, you can pick up a low mileage Enfield. Classic, traditional, beautiful, 80 mpg, easy to work on.

Caution, before you listen to anyone about an Enfield who knows somebody whose postman's friends 3rd cousin knew someone who had one and didn't like it- talk to someone who owns a fairly recent one.
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