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Originally Posted by peterb
Mario - is it appropriate to place the garment in clothes washer once in a while? Like i usually wash the shirt and tights out in the shower while on the road and do the wringing trick. But, when I arrive home, shouldn't I put them in the washing machine? That wouldn't affect the material's longevity, right?
Peter, Yes the clothes washing machine is a great place to wash out the LDComfort garments. They are a very durable garment and can take whatever your washing machine can dish out. The thing to watch for is bleach or strong chemical soaps. Since you are so diligent on the road not to add strong chemicals remember to take that same care at home with your LDComfort in the washing machine. You may also use your dryer to dry the garment. After the spin cycle in the washer the inside of the garment will already be dry. It is only the outside that holds any moisture. Don't run the dryer on high heat. You will be surprised how fast the garments dry on medium heat. NO FABRIC SOFTENERS or dryer sheets. That just adds nasty chemicals and oils right back into the fabric. A good and often asked question. :)
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