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Originally Posted by Airhead Wrangler


The fastways are on and now I'm not sure how I ever spent so many a rainy day on this bike without slipping off. These fastways sure are grippy. You definitely have to LIFT your feet off the pegs when coming to a stop. No more casually sliding your foot off at the stop light. Nice suggestion SL, Gimmie and GRRRRL. Still no big boxes from Germany. When it does arrive though (maybe tomorrow?), is there anyone ...ahem... anyone in the SEATTLE AREA that could lend me a steering head bearing puller - maybe a certain one made by Ed Korn?
Yeahhhh....thats what i'm talkin' 'bout!!!! Sorry, got a friend with a '08 KLR stock rubber pegs. If I have to listen to him one more time when he slips and nails his junk on his tank I'm going to buy him a pair myself. done
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