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Made in Pakistan:
Many products from major brands are made in Pakistan including Harley Davidson, First Gear, Frank Thomas etc. A lot of times you will find a tag that says “Designed In” instead of “Made In” which is to avoid revealing that the products are made in Pakistan. The motorcycle apparel industry is extremely strong in Pakistan due to low labor costs and amazing leather quality. However, we believe in transparency and do not want to trick the consumer hence making it clear where the suits are made. Additionally here is another piece of information that no one might reveal to you. There are a lot of people who would read “Made in Pakistan” and be turned off by a product thus brands have asked manufacturers not to put a “Made In” label on the products. When they products are imported a “Made In” tag is attached to the product indicating some other country which might sell better for e.g. China.

Amount of Mesh:
Please look at the red mesh suit on our site:
Mostly everything you see in Red is mesh except for the red Velcro strip covering the front zippers. See some of the close-ups and you will get a better idea. See the picture of the thigh pocket. It shows that only the strips covering the Velcro are not mesh. You will not find a suit with more airflow. All the black parts of the suit are 1680D Cordura which is enhance protection in high impact areas.

Internet Company/Contact Info:
Check out the contact us page for ICON. They only have a online form as well. We are not as big as icon. We produce a very specialized item in a limited amount. Even then, if you send me an email or sign up on our site , I provide a phone number for you to call and discuss the product and make sure to respond to your questions as soon as possible.
I would love to respond directly to all your questions however I am unable to sign up for advrider because the registration is closed. So please, post questions our discussion forum and I will respond ASAP.

Anyway, one of the reasons we are keeping a low profile at the moment is because we are out of stock and expect reviews in magazines in the next few months. Currently, a lot of the publications are not able to write reviews because of the weather. Once the reviews are out and we are stocked up again, we will start marketing more aggressively too. Trust me, you will be hearing a lot about us in the next few months. Check out the AMA site where they have listed cool/innovative gear @ Indy:

In conclusion, keep the communication flowing guys. We want your feedback and want your opinions. We want to incorporate your input in our products….

Thanks "
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