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Originally Posted by smokeeater495
You mentioned the PO experienced smoking after rebuild. By the look of the piston dome I'm not surprised. That's a LOT of built up burnt oil. The piston skirt is spotless, I don't see any scratches on it. Something caused oil to pour into the cylinder and the top end was starved of oil. The cylinder looks good too. I would get the piston bead blasted or use a brass wire brush to scrape off the goo. Then slip the piston down the bore and take some measurements, ring end gap too. I know you bought a bunch of new parts. If you have time let us know how the old parts measured up.
Yo, smokeeater! I'll definitely measure the old parts when I get a chance! Haven't had much time to mess with this bike since I bought it! I was able to take off the tank, side covers and shock last week and was looking at the general condition of parts. Mostly i've just been ordering parts I will want to replace. Most everything looks good. The frame's a little scratched here and there but that's ok, I'm going to powdercoat it at school before the semester ends.

I ordered all the bottom end bearings today. We'll see how long it takes them to show up. I've been using Service Honda because they have the lowest prices on OEM stuff that i've found anywhere. They beat bike bandit by far! It takes them a little longer to send the parts out but they've done me good so far. I'm assuming most of these internet part stores get their OEM parts from the same manufacturer? Is this correct? Anyone have any recommendations of any other stores for OEM Honda parts?

I lost my camera cable so I havent' been able to upload any pictures...Once I find it i'll get on it, promise!
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