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Originally Posted by markk53
After the thread discussing getting a buddy to wear gear I started to wonder...

What, for you, is ATG? What are you wearing when fully outfitted with what you call All The Gear?

What might you consider the least amount of gear for you when you may not go ATG? What is absolutely indispensable?

Do you find you may wear some gear mainly for reasons other than safety?
All the gear is having every part of my body get some part of street-specific riding gear reinforcing it. Gloves, jacket, overpants, boots and helmet. Air bag vest for some people, I expect.

Least amount I will ride with is helmet, gloves, and proper shoes. And I don't plan to ever do it in short pants again since I'm getting some proper ventilated hot weather overpants. Those are three parts of the body that medicine is not great at fixing. I can, but don't wish to, live with road rash and resulting scarring on an arm or leg; not so much on my hands, feet or with my skull and the brain within smashed about it all sorts of interesting ways.

Helmet keeps the wind from slamming you in the face. Gloves keep my hands from sunburning (actually managed this in just 4 hours of riding one summer day, haven't ridden without gloves since). Shifting without shoes is uncomfortable at best. Rain/cold weather gear's non-safety purposes are obvious.
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