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Comments and Questions

Originally Posted by Sideout
Nice pictures. Where did you get to dive? Have you ever tried diving the cenotes? They are spectacular:

Good question. All the diving/underwater photography was done off the coast of Mahahual. The dive operator was the Maya Palms, using rented boats from town. They were 15 foot sciffs. We had tentatively planned to dive Dos Ojos, but had to make a choice once in Mahahual. Dos Ojos are near Tulum, and that would have driven us north after the middle weekend of diving. Ultimately, that would have been cool, and as a result we would have looped to Merida and Campeche, but we really wanted to get to Chiapas, so that's what we did. The cenotes will be dived, but on another trip. Like a lot of Mexico that you pass by on a motorcycle to get to one great destination or another, "it isn't going anywhere", and I'll get there, eventually, ojala.

Originally Posted by bajarider

estoy esperando tu historia sobre estas grandes fotos.
claro que si, a sus ordenes, compañero de viaje. estoy de prisa decirle todo.

Originally Posted by Pedro Navaja

Thanks for the link on your SPOT tracks. It was cool monitoring your progress.
Hola, Miguel. RE SPOT: I put fresh lithium batteries in the thing and started it in the driveway. It didn't miss a ping any of the 14 days. I'll not post the ping tracks in this RR since I am using map capture anyway to tell a more complete story. The family of course used the SPOT daily as well as the group of friends that met us in Mahahual. They flew down to meet us and used the SPOT to guage our progress. SPOT is too cheap and too easy to use, and for the feedback it gives friends and family, I'll never travel long distances without it.

Originally Posted by Throttlemeister

Unless its an all out war and America is invading Mexico I will continue to travel there.
Amen and the right attitude.

Originally Posted by Hank

I'm glad you kept the bike and made the ride to Mexico, that's a great country, looking back at all that I've seen on my trip Mexico is still one of my favorite places, lucky for you and I that we live so close!!!

Hola Hank, incredible that you are at El Calafate! You are near your goal, and I can't wait to see your collection of photos and possible your second book on Latin America. Abrazos, amigo.


Originally Posted by cymruduc

Did you check out Bacalar? Or am I getting ahead
of the report.

See above re cenotes. Next time, and there will be a next time, probably soon.


We are walking Las Pozas the morning of the second day in Mexico. We are within an easy one day ride to Mexico City. If you stage at the border and cross in the morning, your range in Mexico is incredible. We would be back tracking on Mex 120 after Pozas, to get back on 85 and make the turn to the mountains at Tamazunchale. The mountains definitely slow you down. But distances in Mexico are tantalizing. At the same time, you can make great time but be slowed by curvas peligrosas and topes. It depends on what you ride, and what condition it is in.
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