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I'm a newer rider and have not ridden ATGATT here in my first year when street riding, and having since joined ADV here recently, I am kicking myself for that after reading all of these first hand accounts, and the "what is the strangest thing you've hit/almost hit" thread. I've always ridden in helmet, gloves, and decent jacket, but not consistent elsewhere. I am reconsidering all that. I finally got off my butt and bought a good street helmet (Arai XD) and though I've had a Tourmaster jacket, I am looking at the Kihlamajaro or Scorpion Jacket, and some better street pants. I usually wear my Fly Racing MX pants, but those do not offer much protection on the street.

Riding offroad bikes I am always geared up with all the MX gear, (knee/elbow protection,KBC helmet, goggles, gloves, Thor boots,Fly chest protector, Fly racing pants) So I wondered why I haven't geared up as much on road. I have changed that.

Reading this thread though, I see a lot of mention of gearing up less for those short trips. Isn't the statistics about auto accidents something about how most auto accidents happen within just a few miles of the house? (You are statistically more likely to be near your house and let your guard down as they are familiar surroundings. ) So doesn't stand to say that you shouldn't lighten up the gear even/especially on those short trips?

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