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Originally Posted by Pedro Navaja

Did you guys do any air pressure regulating on your tires due to altitude. I find I gain 3-5 lbs of air pressure (cold measurement) when I am in places like Saltillo. Are you bleeding your tires when you get to any certain elevation?

I had to sit back and think about this one. And honestly, I'll throw it open to the gallery for opinions. I am a bad boy, and I should check air pressure in the tires no matter what more often than I do. Technos in the bar might opine what importance even 2-3 lbs of pressure make, a fact to which I could not argue either way. Heck, I'm just now getting real good at making sure the oil level is somewhere in the sight glass every morning. And I bought one of those overpriced-but-oh-so-sexy BMW pressure guages.

I let the air out of bicycle tires when shipping by airplane. In that case, the pressure in a bicycle tire is (for me) usually 120 psi. And you are rising 30K+ into the stratosphere. Motorcycle tire? 38-42 psi, and rising only up to, let's say, 6,500 - 7,500 feet (typical in Mexico). I would not guess that you would find a pressure deviation inside the tire, but you have me thinking. I would really like to hear opinons on this.

I am not as bad at checking as I might have made myself appear, and I do get all about tire pressure reduction off-road. That topic alone is worth bets and beers. I have a Cycle-Pump, with guage, so de-pressuring and re-inflating are no problem on the road (except for the flat tire due to road bits at Palenque, but I am getting ahead of myself). Point is, I have the gear and I have no excuse when it comes to having the tires set correctly. And since I love talking techno stuff like this, but bow to those with more experience or better suggestions, I am all

Good question Mike - and now open to other's opinions now or later
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