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Why not the Hepco-Beckers? 1000$ Canadian. Their new Explorer cases look nice as well but no price yet.

Originally Posted by swolf
Stelvio, that Guzzi is beautiful!!!

Yep, read that one. I'm really not a big fan of TT products, think they are way over priced. I was looking at the TT 41/41 special planners but read bad things about the welds. I bought my first TT product about a month ago, the HID left side light and was very unimpressed with the quality. The light is nice but I can't aim it properly (tried every different way) as something is a bit off with the mounting plate. They also provide tape for the relay - instructions have it screwed. When I inquired directly to TT about my aiming issue they simply never replied. For the prices they charge things should be spot on and customer service should be just that.

Long story short, I'd really not like to buy anymore TT products but feel the TT Special system 41/41 would be the best for width, usage and overall long term satisfaction. If I'm understanding pricing correctly, the TT are less expensive than the BMW adventure cases - which are my second choice. Why two aluminum boxes, plus hardware are over $1,700 I don't know? I'm not buying the TT.

Maybe the Trax
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