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I was wondering if you had the remap done. I'm plannning on a trip round the TLH and there's not much premium in most places along that route. Also, a lot a places around the more interesting destinations in Newfoundland don't stock Premium.

How far can you get on a tank before the light comes on with the remap??/

Originally Posted by zaner32
I had mine remapped before leaving the dealership. I only had a chance of putting on a little over 800 Km (500 miles) before it got too cold to ride and had to put it away.

The day before I put it away, I rode about 450 Km to the inlaws and back home and had to gas up. Speeds were around 80 to 120 KPH (50 to 70 MPH).

IIRC I put in 14.6 litres and travelled app. 330 kilometers. Which for mileage would end up being: 22.5 Km/L or 53 miles/USG.

Planning on doing a trip to northern Quebec this summer, and possibly James Bay and the North Rd next year. There would be no premium fuel around there.

Someone could carry some octane booster, but how much would you have to add for every tank?
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