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Call Me For Help If You Need To!

You can use a photo sharing website like smugmug, or photobucket or any that hold your photos for you that allow you to link to the image for sharing. I use photobucket and can walk you through it if you need help. I am sending you a PM with my cell number so if you need help you can just ring me up, and I will walk you through it.


Originally Posted by EveryDay
Aight, here's the pick-up: It took me a long time to figure this one out on google earth, and I had some help from a local. I thought the "falls of Gissendaner" was a clue, but now I see why LDHunter put that in there. Anyway, after some searching I found it. Pretty neat place, and fun dirt road to ride.

I have three ideas in mind, but only time to do two for the tag. I'll probly do it tomorrow morning or evening and then post in 24 hours. -probly gonna piss LDHunter off by the sounds of it. In the mean time, we can enjoy his sissy banter about how good the FL riders are. Now, how do add a dang pic? My attachment box says I've uploaded the max of 1 image, but the image is not there.
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