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Originally Posted by Impulse 101
I found a small, cheap answer at the grocery store this week.

It's a small metal thermos bottle. Big enough for the insulin bottles and plenty enough ice to keep it cool for 14 hours. I did a test already with the thermos sitting on top of my stove, worked great.
I'm a T1 for about 10 years now and have found that the thermos solution works pretty well. I put the vials of insluin in film canisters (tape on the top as the bottles are too big to close). I then fill with ice. The film canisters help protect the insulin sitting on ice. Gives it about .25 inches of buffer. Sealed, the thermos lasts a day or two with the insulin nice and chilly.

In the US you can get NPH and R w/o a script, but not Humalog/Novolog.

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