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Originally Posted by Justin

Fill me in on the Bruced, I'm guessing in another tag-o-rama, 'Bruce' kept beating everyone there time and time again? And that's when netbooks were created?

You have the gist of it. It means someone posted the grab of the tag you went after before you posted it, i.e., you got beaten to the punch. I think that it came from the Ohio folks. A player named Bruce posted a pic first to claim the tag before another player who had gone after the tag had posted the grab, thus the other guy was "bruced." (Someone correct me if I am wrong, please.) I don't think that Bruce necessarily was doing this "time and time again," but someone started using his name that way and it has taken off in the various tag games.

Look back at my Conestee Mill grab on Feb. 13. I actually shot the photo later in the day than PUSkunk shot his, but because I posted my pic first, I "bruced" him. Yesterday, it seems that Me and My Monkee had me bruced before I even left the house.

I wonder if anyone will get bruced on the current tag?

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