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Originally Posted by The Griz
I haven't received the Happy Trails boxes yet. When I get them installed, I'll post my opinions on them.

As far as Holan making the Touratech stuff, I don't think that's the case. If you go to you'll notice that on their web store they stock and sell all sorts of brand names for clothing, luggage, tires, wheels, eletrical, etc etc. They sell the BMW Rallye Pro 2 suit on the Holan web store. I'm positive Holan does not make the BMW Rallye Pro 2 suit.
Hate to do any thread robbing, so I'll keep non-pannier discussion out of the forum after this...
I wouldn't suggest they make the BMW Rallye stuff or things of that nature, but here's a thread from a Holan distributor announcing Holan launching in the US.
I quote "As an OEM for some of the biggest names in adventure equipment today (such as one that rhymes with Rouratech ) Holan is probably the biggest name you've never heard of. "

I know my headlight guard from Holan is identical to that sold by TT (for a few bucks cheaper).
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