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Day 2: Antigua to Salama

This breakfast was included in our $18 private room. (Yes, $9 each for lodging and breakfast)

It was overcast when we left Antigua and once we hit some elevation, it started to rain lightly. We were on tarmac for the first few hours and having a great time on the twisty roads in the mountains so it was no big deal. There were a few interesting sites on the road. We came across a pickup truck with a man driving and no one was next to him. In the bed of the truck were his kids and his wife. The wife was holding an umbrella as best she could at the 50km speeds. There were a lot of other motorcycles on the roads, almost all of the bikes we saw were 150cc or less. Very few riders wore helmets but many had cowboy hats - how the heck did those things stay on?

After a few hours of riding on pavement we hit dirt and the amount of traffic dropped to almost nothing. Being in the mountains, the roads were never straight for more than a hundred yards. There was a lot to look at as we passed hundreds, maybe thousands, of people walking along the road. We came across pigs, donkeys, horses, cows, dogs, and chickens. But no cats. At one point we came across some construction that had the road shut down for about a half hour.

We wait...

It was hot so we went back to a nearby tienda for a soda and to take in the local scene. This was our first major stop outside of the urban area and it was quite a change. There were about 20-25 teens and a few adults hanging out in the area. We were the center of attention and a few people, including a crazy woman, came up to talk or simply stare at the pale, shaved head, blue-eyed gringo. Blast my lousy Spanish!

I have Rosetta Stone, which is a great tool, but I had not made the time to get past the first few lessons. I know a few basic phrases and can read enough to get the gist of the message but my proficiency is shameful.

We made it through the construction and spent the next several hours on some great, twisty, narrow, dirt mountain roads. Every so often we would encounter a pickup or a bus and there were always people walking or animals to navigate around. Coming from a frigid winter of nothing but working, working out, and sleeping, this was great! It was warm, the view was insane, and the roads were challenging, often blind, and we were traveling at a pretty decent clip. Riding these roads requires your full attention but I wasn't ready for what was just over the next hill...


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