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Martinsburg, WV Markers

The markers in this post are all in or near Martinsburg, Berkeley County WV.

Let me set the stage a bit, for those not familiar with the area. Martinsburg is located in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia. A hub center for commerce since it's beginning, Martinsburg still serves as the center of commerce in the area.

Major private employers in and around Martinsburg include Quad/Graphics, EcoLab, Orgill, Quebecor World, Sino-Swearingen, and Fedex.
The city also houses one of the two Enterprise Computing Centers of the IRS(the other is in Memphis, Tennessee). The Martinsburg facility processes most of the country's electronically filed tax documents from businesses, and about one-third of electronically-filed tax returns.
The ATF has a building located in Martinsburg, where they deal with crimes involving alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and explosives from the United States and other places in the world. This is the only building of the ATF that does these types of things.
Martinsburg had its own automobile company, called Norwalk. The cars that were assembled here are the longest-made known cars to be built in the state of West Virginia.
The area is also home to the 167th Airwing Lift of the West Virginia Air National Guard.
Located on Interstate 81, Route 11, Routes 45, 901 and 9 and numerous cow trails that run into town, traffic can be a force to contend with.
There is Amtrack service, MARC RAIL, Maryland's train transit system.

Martinsburg was founded by General Adam Stephen in 1778 and named for Colonel Thomas B. Martin, nephew of Lord Fairfax, 6th Lord Fairfax of Cameron.

I think that covers the who, what where and when. Now the markers.

Marker located on Routes 9 / 11, located on the right traveling east.

Located on Williamsport Pike [Route 11], on the right traveling north, about 1/4 mile north of Warm Springs Road.

Fort Neally was founded possibly as early as 1755 by John Neally about four miles south of present day Martinsburg. In addition to it's use as a fort during the Indian wars era, it was used around 1757 for the colonial militia.

This one was a twofer. Two for one post.
Railroad strike of 1877

After the Great Railroad Strike of 1877, union organizers planned for their next battles, while politicians and business leaders took steps to ensure that such chaos could not reoccur. Many states enacted conspiracy statutes. States formed new militia units, and National Guard armories were constructed in a number of cities. For workers and employers alike, the strikes had shown the power of workers in combination to challenge the status quo. They were driven, as a Pittsburgh state militiaman, who was ordered to break the 1877 strike, pointed out, by “one spirit and one purpose among them–that they were justified in resorting to any means to break down the power of the corporations."

Archive image

The other side of the marker:

Roundhouse ruins

The Railroad Strike and Roundhouse markers are located at the east end of East Martin Street, Martinsburg, at the Rail Station.

This marker is at 515 West Martin St., Martinsburg.

This marker is located in front of the Ramer Center, which is home to the Sumner Ramer African American School Museum and The Berkeley County Schools’ Instructional Resource Center, Media Services and Special Education departments.

General Adam Stephen. Marker is at 309 E John St., Martinsburg.

General Adam Stephen has a brief bio in post 102 of this thread.

Constructed of native limestone.

Van Metre Ford Bridge.

Marker is at the intersection of Flaggs Crossing Road and Blairton Road on Flaggs Crossing Road.

Check the guy in the creek. He's got one on.

Veterans Administration Center

Marker is at the intersection of Baker Road and Route 9, in the median.

One of four Veterans Administration Centers in West Virginia.

Spelling allowances, based on services provided.

Since the beginning of man's history, all great nations have honored, respected, and provided certain benefits for their veterans, realizing that had it not been for the sacrifices of the men and women who fought their battles, the nations themselves would cease to exist.
All know that veterans have made many sacrifices for their country, which are not demanded of the majority of citizens. For this reason, veterans are a special group, which have earned specific consideration. While needs may be considerable, what we offer falls short of what is due.

Marker at 601 South Queen St., Martinsburg.

Boydville Mansion

Then there was the one that got away.

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