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Hello folks,
Had a detailed phone conv with josh today and i asked him to email me the questions he asked so i could share the answers with all of you.

Thank you in advance for your time.
I have several questions in regards to your suits and your www site:

Is is possible to have color swatches and/or pictures of the different colors/color combinations made available for the two suit designs on the www site?
Color swatches will be posted soon

Do the suits account for riding position in the measurment charts provided on the site? Or are they sized like street clothes where I will need to add 1-2 inches to my leg or arm measurment so the suit doesn't ride up my my arms and legs? If they are sized for a riding position, is it a more aggressive crouched stance, or a more upright stance?
I will be updating the chart with some details on how to use it. In summary, the measurements listed in the chart are those of the rider and not of the suit. Map you measurements to the correct size. We have taken the guess work out of sizing, as the suit is designed to fit in the riding position. So for example, size S lists the inseam as 30. That means that the rider should have a max inseam of 30, the suit itself is longer than 30 to accommodate how the pants rise in the riding position.
Have you considered having a pictoral reference on your www site indicating where you are taking the measurements on the body? That way users can more easily match your reference measurments and better determine their sizing.
I can post this as well. I will update in the next few days
Is the suit designed so that there is a way to get cords for heated gear out with minimal water leakage potential?
You can use the side entry pockets to take out cords for heated gear.
What are the recommended temperature ranges for your two different suits?
Interesting question. I will post information about this soon as well. It is difficult to determine though as everyone has their own comfort levels when it comes to weather.
Does the interior liner have it's own zipper to minimize draft problems?
The liner is attached to the suit via a zipper.
Thanks again!

-Josh S.
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