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One-piece for taller riders

Originally Posted by MaxPower
I posted this in an email to the company.

"I have been following the thread on I have a quick size question. As a tall person I have a problem finding items that fit. what would you suggest 6'4" tall 35 inch inseam standing 36" waist 35 inch sleeve 29 inch neck to crotch 44" chest in a sport coat 220 pounds. Any ideas or plans.?"

Dose anyone else have problems finding clothing to fit taller athletic guys like myself?
At 6' 3", 200 pounds I have not found any one piece suit that comes close to fitting. I haven't seen the Rev'It Infiniti which lists tall sizes.

Most suits are huge in the waist, which is a nuisance but can be accommodated. What makes them unusable is that all are too short in the torso for me. I can put them on but can't sit on the bike. After years of looking I'm resigned to buying separate jackets and pants. At least some manufacturers have tall sizes.
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