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Raincoat packaging warning!

Originally Posted by themenz
Don't get me started!

These packets have a combustible carrier. So they are considered hazardous and as such, need to follow some pretty hefty rules. (Don't worry, Raincoat is safe for your visor.) I packaged them specifically to fit within an exemption for DOT (US ground transportation) and IATA (Worldwide Air). But I can't ship via the post office out of the country. The other shipping options are expensive unless ordered in bulk. Within the US, they must go by ground.
One problem I did find with the packaging:

I was cleaning out my tail bag the other day in the spare room where clean laundry was being folded, and one of these fell out out:

The next day, my wife saw it, and read the "raincoat" label on it, and asked my son if it was his, to which he said "no, it must be Dads." Then her head was spinning! She had an emotional roller-coaster ride, imagining all sorts of terrible things, until my son read it a little closer, and told her it was for cleaning faceshields, what did she think it was for?

All was calm by time I got home, but my son and daughter gave me a hard time about it any way. I told them "Your mother knew I was a player when she married me, so calm down."

Maybe I you could change packaging and making the use more visible on these things before some one else gets 'caught'.
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