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wWdgie or squashed balls, you choose

Originally Posted by 2slow
At 6' 3", 200 pounds I have not found any one piece suit that comes close to fitting. I haven't seen the Rev'It Infiniti which lists tall sizes.

Most suits are huge in the waist, which is a nuisance but can be accommodated. What makes them unusable is that all are too short in the torso for me. I can put them on but can't sit on the bike. After years of looking I'm resigned to buying separate jackets and pants. At least some manufacturers have tall sizes.
I have the same problem, 6'3, 37" inseam, 35 sleeve, 46 chest, 180 lbs.
I generally wear XXL even though my waist is 35.
In terms of 1-piece suit, it has always been the cornelian choice of wedgie or squashed balls, sometime the two offered at the same time.
Hope that Teizm will offer something against those equally unpleasant predicaments.
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