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Originally Posted by awm

I'd kill for a trail that isn't 6-7"'s of mud and ice.

They make a really good pocket saw,its a chainsaw blade with handles,its called a saber saw,by ultimate survial technoliges.I carry one in my tool bag,and if i run into the tree down in the trail,i whip it out and it cuts thru everything pretty damn quick!I think it was $29 bucks.Just one of those good things to have in the tool bag.I have seen guys use a folding bow hunting saw,they work good too,but won't go thru the bigger stuff like the saber saw will. And they take up more room,the saber has a carry'n belt case,and when in the bag its alittle bigger then a leatherman.

I see you need a skid plate,before i'd try the slam and concour method anyway.XR's only makes a nice one for $75 bucks.Just my two cents.
Other then the trees it was near prefect soil conditions. Cool little saw, maybe I'll get one. I was wishing I had a small axe/hatchet. I got a DG Baja XR400 skidplate off ebay hoping it'd fit. They used to make one for the XR250 but I can't find one. The rear bolt holes don't line up. It's one beefy plate and I'm bummed it doesn't fit. I'm going to see if I can get it too fit or maybe get one built. I like how it covers the frame oil bolt.

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