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Originally Posted by grinder96
Hey, I am alive..just barley!! I have the application from the forest service and it is pretty straight forward. Joel, you asked me to head this "clean up" project and and first thought was I am really excited but the realization is I have too much on my plate! So anyone wanting this application it is in Word format, PM me with an addy and I can forward it to you. I may be available to help on the particular day but otherwise have to pass on presidency for the moment!

Glad you all had a good ride!!! Makes me want to go ride!!
mr. chairman...we're heartbroken though after i read your pm, i fully understand.

turin, you're the first person i know who stepped up and did the clean up last year. by doing so, you planted a seed in our minds and we owed it to you.

i hope the rest of the inmates realize that we have to return something back to the environment, especially to SCD which is a gift to us. we are so lucky we can ride everyweekend and don't have to go very far or make it a whole day affair.

wish i can chair this project, but i prefer someone else. i'm too busy organizing rides for everyone and make us all happy.

i pm another inmate and hope he responds with an affirmative answer.

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