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Still On Training Wheels
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Oddometer: 436
F800GS Gas Mileage: What Ya Gettin'?

The Variables:
Units: Miles per US gallons
Odometer: Exactly 509 miles
Rider: 5'11" 175 lbs
Luggage: Jesse Odyssey II sides only loaded with guns, ammo and day kit for 75% of the miles
Windscreen: Stock
Exhaust: Stock
Misc: Adv-Spec crash bars and bash guard
Riding Conditions: Mix of highway at 65-75 mph +/-, twisty back roads, six crossings over the Spring Mountain Range, many short trips and errands, three 100+ mile days. Extremely windy conditions!
Over the course of the first 509 miles I've averaged only 30.3 miles per gallon.

I also found out yesterday coming back from the Death Valley area that 0 miles left on the OBC, really means 0 miles left! Like a switch, the engine cut off when the display moved to zero. Fortunately, I had decided to turn left to Pahrump for fuel rather than risk heading to Las Vegas on Hwy 160. By the graces of good luck or karma the engine quit 200 yards from the Shell station and I coasted into the pumps with about 15 feet to spare!

I'm a new rider and the dealer told me to ride it like I stole it during the break-in period so that is exactly what I've been doing; high rpms and no chug-a-lugging. Maybe I twisted the throttle up to 85-90 mph for a few seconds... maybe

30 mpg isn't so great and I suspect it is reflective of the break-in and hard riding. None-the-less, it's still almost 3x better than the 11.5 mpg average on my Hummer.

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