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folks, we are getting alottttt of emails and i try to post the ones with general questions that might address your concerns as well.

here is another long query that i want to share with you.

Hello, answers to your questions are below:

On the VENTED 1 piece suit are the VENTED areas waterproof??.
In short, Yes. The vents have waterproof zippers. See if this helps

Is the suit designed for wearing OVER clothes??.
Yes this is intended to be an over-suit. But people have their own preferences on usage.

Are all the colors available in the 4XL size??.
Colors available for 4XL Ė Black, Red, Blue, Dark Gray, Light Gray

Is the thermo liner removable??.
Yes, via a zipper

And last but not least..WHY SO CHEAP??.The talk in the LDR community is that the price reflects the quality!!.As you know the Aerostich is a GREAT suit but VERY $$$.I have been saving for a roadcrafter,BUT I just heard about your suit and the price is VERY,VERY good,If the quality is at the same level as the roadcrafter I'm ready to buy.
There are other products out there that are also priced lower than the Stich. Can we automatically assume that they are inferior products simply based on the price? There are several reasons why there is a price difference but the two main reasons are (a) operational costs and (b) brand.
Anyway, we are offering a phenomenal product for an amazing price. If our quality isnít up to par, we wonít last very long because the customers in this segment are fanatical about their gear. So it is in our best interest to make sure the quality is extremely high and provides a lot of value.

I ride EVERYDAY of the year in Seattle.Today was snow and 32 degrees.ANY suit I buy HAS to be 100% waterproof ,WARM and VERY,VERY durable.
No suit will be 100% waterproof, despite that statement on the marketing material. The new Revit, costing $1300, perhaps might be due to the scuba zipper and so on, but I personally have not tested it. The Stich, as you can easily find by doing research on the internet, is definitely not 100% waterproof . We have tried very hard to make our suit waterproof yet affordable. There is a built in waterproof liner. The vents have waterproof zippers. Several pockets are waterproof. There are Velcro covers on most zippers. You can achieve further waterproofing by spending very little money (around $10) and buy a waterproofing spray or seam tapes. This is the method used by Stich users as well. In summary, this suit is comparable to the Stich in terms of waterproofing.
Here is our waterproof policy:
I want you to buy the product knowing exactly what it is capable of instead of tricking you. If you look around, most motorcycle apparel advertised as 100% waterproof employs liners similar to our Drench Quench liner.

Here is a brief comparison to the Stich:

I would really appreciate it if you could point me to the forums where you folks are discussing this suit. I would love to answer any other questions you or your fellow riders may have. Feel free to forward my response to any one else interested.

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