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Here's a couple more pics.

Yes the grapics have hundreds of tiny slots for perforations to assist in "de-gassing" the tank. No guarantee that bubbles won't still's the nature of stickers on a plastic tank. You can see them in this pic in the upper right hand area of the graphic. They were custom made by Ride Industries in Canada. I gave him some intial ideas on the design and after two or three go rounds we came up with this joint effort. Great guy to work with and quality is top notch.

Here's a shot of the skid plate extension I made up. You can't see it on this photo but there is a large rubber bumper pad glued on the bacl of it between the plate and water pump. In case of a really big hit I wanted some cushion between the two. The plate itself is made of 3/16" T6061. There is a slight depression ground into the inside surface to insure the water hose doesn't rub on it.

I also modified the underside of the skid plate to allow for easy oil changes. As is was, changing oil meant that it drooled and spilled all through the bottom of the plate. It was impossible to get any sort of funnel direct oil from the drain hole over the bottom frame rail. So I just moved the right rear skid plate clamp further back and cut a triangular opening which meets up with the existing slot in the plate for the diagonal frame rail.

I moved my ignition module to the side from under the seat and built myself a 'storage trunk' there. Then used the side of it to make up a bracket for carrying my tire irons. The exhaust heat shield is backed with high temp fiberglass packing. I guess I'll find out if it works if that sticker holds up!

The nav gear mount is a self-designed...and re-designed....and re-designed... made out of 3/8" aluminum plate and 1-1/2" aluminum square tubing for the upright. There is also a 12 gauge aluminum plate cut and bent and contorted to mount the ODO, GPS and road book. I was using the square tubing to keep the gear as close to the handlebars as possible. I also wanted room in front and underneath it to mount a tool bag. This carries light items, primarily my first aid kit gear. I made up an aluminum bracket to replace the plastic front fender bracket. This made for a better base to mount the bag.

These are earlier construction photos. I modified it somewhat after these were taken, lowering it 1-1/2" and tilting the top part forward more to clear the bars. Fairing brackets aren't on here yet either.

I wouldn't do it exactly the same again. Primarily I would change the cantelevered design of the heavy plate mount which only comes off one side of the frame head stock. This was a bit of a design exercise for me...I have a habit of trying to do things a little differently...sometimes it even works. This design puts too much stress on the top bolt that goes into the head stay. It's fine for normal use, but if I go down hard and put side load on it I think that bolt might shear. I'll take a Grade 5 bolt with me and probably swap it out in Spain before the start.

Oh...after it was on and I mounted the fairing I decided to put an aluminum "windscreen extension" up the front to cover nav gear. This has a 90 degree bend in it about 1" wide to sit over top of the ODO and GPS to protect them. This is the part that the "Husaberg" sticker in on over top of the windshield in the first picture.

The fairing is a discontinued model (don't know the manufacturer) I picked up off a clearance sale on e-bay. I think it's one of those love-hate things. I love the way it looks, kind of modernized the old style Berg...some people think it looks gay. I've got the bulbs hooked up to run independently via switches.

Here's a pic of my road book switch, which I think might be unique. You use your left index finger to operate it, like a tiny clutch lever. I find it's much easier to use than my thumb since you never lose your grip on the bars. But what do I know...having never operated a road book before? Maybe other guys use this same set up but I hadn't seen it anywhere.

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