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Well,last night i finaly stopped ride'n it in the mud and snow and strated the fix'n for the season.
Nothing major,the old girl just needs to get buttoned up alittle.A,,,i'm alittle over anal.
Shit it took an hour to get the garage sorted out,this bike here,and that bike there,throw the old ladys crap out under the car port,it shouldn't be in there!She gets the house,[2600sft]and i get the one car garage!
But i finally got it so i can start the tear down,and rebuild.
Ordered the Maier side covers and headlight cover,got a XR650 seat cover[it says 650 on it ]a match'n Honda fender pouch[orange],some good old steel Moose bars,and Scott grips.Change the fuilds and set the suspention the way i want it,fix the rear brake[drum ]tie up the wire'n,grease the fit'ns,and put the new UNI in.
My camera sucks!!!Rather spend money on bikes!But i'll try to get some pics when shes done.
I had a fellow inmates wife do some custom vinil strickers for it to,my new race colors.Should be pretty good.
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