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Originally Posted by bgoodsoil
I just put mine back on the way it came off. If you look on it you'll see holes drilled in different places around it--that's where it was balanced at the factory. The clutch disk--the part that wears--floats, so there's no need to take it into account during balancing.

Martian had some fancy space-age way to balance his and I think he ended up just putting it back on the way it was. Check Slope'rs 'tearing into my PD thread' for it.
Actually, I, too, replaced the spring plate, pressure plate, and clutch so putting it back the way it was was not an option. I did place the balancing marks as close to 120 degrees apart as I could when I first assembled everything off the bike, but when I suspended it, the unitized parts listed to one side. Therefore, I started rearranging them until it hung level. There was some discussion as to whether or not my static balancing act would have any effect, but we'll know soon enough. The transmission is on its way back from rework and will be installed in a week or so. If the bike shakes like hell, it didn't work. If it doesn't, then my gravity powered, portable balancing machine may or may not be the reason. I'll keep everyone posted on the outcome.

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