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Originally Posted by GSBS
Thanks for the comments Tim!

About the TT guards... They come as a package to replace the possum scraper.

After 500 miles the rear brake guard on had broken at the rear mount where it is bent up 90 from horizontal to vertical. After several emails back and forth they sent me a new one - but I had to pay to return to busted one. Then after another few hundred miles the new one broke exactly the same way. This time I used some JB Weld epoxy putty to fix it and it's been that way for almost 30K miles.

The TT Chain Guard developed a crack just aft of the rear vertical/diagonal section after around 10K miles and I smeared on some JB Weld to arrest its progress which so far has held. I decided it wasn't worth the effort to get another from TT since it'd likely do the same thing.

Also, the black tubular steel mounting for the TT rear rack (which I primarily got to keep the big BMW tail bag from drooping over onto the rear turn signals) cracked and broke due to a flimsy and poorly welded design. I had a buddy who welds repair it and it's doing great. Again, I saw no point in getting another inferior replacement from TT since it would break the same way in a few months no doubt.

It pisses me off that the TT quality is so poor on some items, but they are still the only source for some items - like the footpeg relocation kit and OEM handguard extensions.

BTW, in the next week or so when I finally wear out the current Mefos on the bike I'm going to try a 606 rear and MT 21 front combo for a couple of months (this is the rainy/muddy season here in Alabama). I've heard lots of good things about this combo.
Thanks for the detailed answer the reason I asked. Is I have them on order now.
I will kook at them close, too see if I can see the weak spots and reinforce them before I have a problem.
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