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You know better of course what you want to do, but KTM is recommending that you do not desmog this, only to permananty remove the drain screw in the catch reservoir (between swing arm) and put some filter material inside to keep the dust collected. Then just clean that once in a while with regular air filter changes.

The jetting worked fine in Baja except for the 4000' pass over La Rumarosa and a dirty air filter, but running with the choke on fixed that. Since you live up there I guess you'll be changing the jetting to suit you location.

Also, the license plate holder will hit the tire eventually DAMHIK. (not a big problem crunchy crunchy... )

The only other problem I have had is the GPR damper rod clamp rubbed the headlight wires behind the mask causing a short. Only needed a tad more space away from the top triple (the whole trip meter pod and brackets).

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