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Eek Advernture Adventure update

The plot thickens...
I emailed the seller of the 990 Adv. S and I got this response:

Good day,the bike is in great condition, has been properly
maintained, has never been laid down or abused in any way.I live in United States but currently I am with work in Italy I really hate to sell my bike but you know how bad is now with this financial crisis. I am in army in Italy and my wife does not have money so i really need to sell my bike urgenlty It has a clear title and the price I`m selling it for is $2900, which is including all charges. I sell it so cheap because I've moved out to Italy with my work for the next few months and I can`t afford the luxury of taking the bike with me so I decided to let it go. I`m using a third party company called GLOBAL EXPRESS LTD. to sell this bike, I left it at their warehouse before leaving to the Italy. They are supervising the entire sale process from payment, shipping with a 14-day inspection period, returns (if needed) and refunding.If you want to purchase it, let me know and I will explain you how GLOBAL EXPRESS works and how we can move forward.

What does anyone else think? Scam? ?
For me, this has just been something I'm following out of curiosity. I'm a college student living off of the GI Bill so I can't afford a new bike anyway. If anyone else is interested in the bike, I'd say to proceed with caution. If someone goes through with it and it's not a scam, well, I hate you.
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