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Originally Posted by notmybikemodelname
Why waste the money. For double the price of emulators you can just do this, and gain 20 times the handling, strength, adjustability and gain 3" of travel.

Forks and triple clamps $126 on Ebay
Longer brake line $40 from Deering Ind
Excell rim w/tire $26 Ebay
Brake caliper $49 Ebay
Total $241
I think you payed to much for that front caliper
But seriously not how about a parts breakdown and problems you ran into.
That pic was taken during the installation process. The difference between JDRadman's and mine is that I also bought the YZ rim, axle, and caliper. He has made a very trick system for mounting the stock BMW braking system. I couldn't wait to ride, so I did the Yammie thing for the interim.

As for additonal parts, seriously?..........just a longer brake line and a 1/4" spring steel shim that goes under the top clamp. Oh yeah, $109 for a pair of .52 Racetech springs. So all up.......$350, not counting a 12 pack of Corona and half a bottle of Tres Generaciones .

The whole teardown and installation took less than two hours.

As for handling, I can't believe I rode the bike before without doing this. I came off more high perf bikes like a Husky TC450, and the Dakar now handles like a real dual sport. I can take woops that I would typically take at 15-25mph, at 45-60 mph now. Cornering is 10 times better, it tracks unbelievably good in the sand and silt, and the bike actually handes better on the Hi-way as well.

Since I only ride my bike on the asphalt to get to the dirt, I don't miss any braking ability gained from the larger rotor that came with the BMW. However, I do plan on mounting JD's system on my bike when they make the first run.

Here's what my bike looked like the day after I finished my install. This pic was taken just before we hit the dirt at Lytle Creek in San Berdoo and then road out to Randsburg via Coyote Canyon-Baldy Mesa-Aster-KJ-Cuddeback dry lake and back. Over 260 miles of dirt and about 65 pavement.

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