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Harleys 2 Mexico 2009 Tour

Breaking all the rules.
The Dynamic duo rides again. Clayton and yours truly. Off on another Add-ven-TOUR.

This is the 6th annual Mexican March Moto Madness Tour, and a massive cold front hits Austin Texas on the very day we plan on leaving. Temps in the low 40´s. Accompanied by inches of rain. So....
In typical Harley fashion we trailer our bikes. The first 300 miles at least. Hey, its freakin´ cold and we got no heated grips, no electric vests. Jay will drive the truck and trailer back to Austin.

The Green Hornet (my 1985 Harley Low Rider) and Clayton's 2007 Ultra Glide, off loaded and ready to roll south, midnight in McAllen, Texas. Jay & Clayton.

This is Jay, ready to drive 5 hours back to Austin. Thank you, Jay

Now, lots of people on this site give tips on how to do Mexico. I know you've heard ´em before, but allow me review. Always pack lightly. Always get plenty of rest before you plunge into Mexico. You´ll need all your wits about you. Best to do your motorcycle papers early in the morning. You´ll need your title or vehicle registration receipt. NO COPIES. Everyone got that? And yada-yada-yada. So, how well did we do?

We leave Austin, 42 degrees and raining, at 7pm and drive to McAllen. Laredo or McAllen? We pick McAllen in mid-flight. Plenty of rest? I sleep in the truck most of the way down. Arrive McAllen (49 degrees) after midnight. Pull into the Supermarke and unload the bikes in the parking lot. Clayton´s 2007 Ultra Glide and my 1985 Low Rider. We are like Mutt and Jeff. I continue to amaze myself. I have a pile of stuff stacked on my bike. I am overloaded to the max. Clayton christens me El Vagabundo. Change money, cross bridge.
Vagabundo - green light
Clayton - red light. (Hold it right there, pal. Lets talk about this bike.)

Next in Customs (Aduana) to temporarily import your vehicle. Like I said. Early in the morning. It´s like, 2am and here we go. No lines.
Vagabundo - Green light
Clayton - Do not pass Go.
Hummmmmm, seems Clayton has brought photocopies of his title. And no vehicle registration for good measure. They do not like this. Much head shaking. Hummm, title or vehicle registration, one or the other and NO COPIES. Clayton! How many times have you done this? 5? Oh, heck, and what´s this? Clayton ALSO failed to cancel his previous vehicle importation!!! Now a little history is in order here. In 2007 Clayton crashed his 2003 Ultra Glide attacking a speed bump at speed. He broke his wrist in several places, flew back to the states, and 5 weeks later we returned with a truck and trailer and picked up the crippled Ultra. We hauled it back across the border, canceled the car and trailer papers and totally forgot to cancel the wrecked Harley on the trailer. The bike was sold and a new one purchased.

Gotcha! Now this is a huge NO NO. In fact this is the worse thing that can happen to you when crossing the border. Everyone knows you cannot bring a new vehicle into Mexico if you didn't cancel the last one. There was nothing for us to do but stand our ground and look pitiful. Heck we can´t go back. It´s too cold and nasty up north. Clayton becomes an ambassador. For Obama, that is. Yes, Obama would be proud. Clayton proceeds to spread the wealth. Now let me be clear, this never would have happened in the daylight. And as it were it was a most delicate matter. And that is all I have to say about that.

OK. I´m old school. I pride myself in navigating by dead reckoning. Without GPS. Fumbling around Reynosa at 3 am? I take TricePilot´s advice and hire a taxi. He leads us out of town. Clayton & I talk about riding on. (Never ride in Mexico at night, by the way.) Gran Hotel, 800 pesos, for us 700. Fairly dumpy for a $50 room in Mexico. Can´t sleep. Too jazzed about Mexico.

More to come.

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