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Such a drag...
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Originally Posted by notmybikemodelname
That's becuase the bike still weighs too much the way you have it set up. With all of the shit you have on that bike, it weighs well over 400lbs. (mine wieghs 338lbs) and they will do anything a DR650 can do. I ride with some damn good ex-racers who ride DR650's, KTM 690's, KTM 640's, XR's, etc, etc, and I have no problem doing anything they can do just as fast and half of the time out in front of them. And I always end up riding my bike home....they have to trailer theirs most of the time, either because it broke down, or they are too warn out from riding it for 500-600 miles in a weekend.

Have you actually taken the time to learn how to ride the bike?
True, they don't handle like anything else I've ever ridden in it's class either, but I wouldn't say worse......just different. It takes a while to figure them out.....Just like women .

I'll tell you I'd be pretty damned pissed off too if I spent $4200 on a TT/WP suspension system, when you can get a better set up for less than 1/10 the price with the Yammie YZ set up. A friend of mine has the TT system and I have the Yammie. I think mine rides better and is definitely lighter. And I can buy ten more if it breaks before I've spent as much as him

In the set up you have your bike in now, I'm sure it weighs 50-60 lbs more than the DR650, so no wonder it doesn't handle as well. So my suggestion is, ride it like the street bike it is with good suspension in the current set up, or lose about 50lbs and then make the judgment. Otherwise, if you're that unhappy, just ride the DR and sell the Dakar. I'm sure there's another sucker out there who'll pay too much for it, thinking just because it has a decent suspension it's an offroad bike.

I bought it set up that way for $5500 bucks, with only 6000 miles... Sold it soon after I bought my DR so thanks for the advice but I'm already there.

Never said it wouldn't do what a DR can do, just implied that it's not anywhere near as good of a dirt-machine, by saying that the Dakar doesn't hold a candle to the DR when it comes to off-road abilities. Sure, it'll do some solid off road stuff, but the same rider on a DR will be less tired and a bunch faster at the end of the day.

Don't take my post personally. I just found it to be very ironic (and a little funny too) that a BMW Dakar rider would post some TT trash talking with regards to price. The Dakar itself is just like Touratech. Way overpriced for the performance you get out of it. I still say that if you don't look down while your riding there's not much difference between a KLR and a Dakar. Certainly not $5000 difference.

...and No, I have now idea how to ride a motorcycle at all. I just sit on them and make "vrooom vrooom" noises in the garage in my spare time.
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