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Well, I like my Dakar. I don't mind that it is heavy. Or that it is not as fast as so many other bikes out there. It is a fine motorcycle. It is not better than Bike X or Z on many things. But I'm not racing nor plan on racing so that small differences don't matter. It goes well on fire roads, and on other stuff up to some level of technical challenge. Hasn't left me stranded anywhere yet. So what I have is fine.

By the way, the photo below is from when I took my Dakar to the Black Rock desert (Gerlach, NV). No other 650 or similar on my group could keep up with my Dakar. And the one DR 650 that was trying to keep up with my speed, well, it blew a gasket. So, there is no perfect bike.


Originally Posted by tmotten
Lets not turn this into a slinging match. He's right that the STOCK Dakar is nowhere near as offroad capable as a DR. The DR needs to be modified in the suspension department as well, but it will still lighter.

Problem is that you're comparing apples with pears, and everyone knows they are not comparable.

Sorting the Dakar out with TT bling is a waste of time still. You can get that stuff straight from WP yourself (most of the other stuff is useless), it's just most BM riders prefer to shop at the same shop. Hence a lot of BM riders ride in BM gear. Major money spinner for BM. The Dakar is a more road orientated bike and eventhough notmybikemodelname has sorted out his bike more in the dirt department, he can still enjoy that design feature more than his DR riding mates.

Put it next to even a new KLR, look at the details, and you will find if it's worth the extra money. It has been spend on things by BM. I take the BM over the KLR anyday. TT is a rip off on a lot of items.
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