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Friday 13th of March, 2009
Reynosa to Ciudad Valles, 377 miles

The Tail of 2 bikes. The Green Hornet (El Vagabundo) on the left.

Fairly miserable day. Cold and wet. I didnīt sleep much. Couldnīt. Too jazzed about being in Mexico. When did we finally settle in our room? 4am? Finally daylight. It looks wet outside. Not raining, just wet. Piece of cake. Itīs misting rain as we leave Reynosa. Just wet enough to form a thin layer of slick mud on the streets. Itīs not rain. Not enough to wash the streets. Itīs mist, just enough to turn all the dust to mud. Slicker than snot. It seems as though the cold front has caught up with us as we slept.

Hwy 97 straight south. We deal with the cold. We pretty much have on all our cold weather layers. 77 miles to El Rancho Viejo motel and accompanying restaurant where we have breakfast. At Nuevo Padillo near Ciudad Victoria we stop again. Itīs a Monster stop. I am so sleepy. Fighting to stay awake. Monster energia drink. The cloud level has dropped so that we are in the clouds. Not really raining, but a heavy mist. It is very cold. Iīm in no mood for the natural orange juice sold along here. Too cold.

Turn south on Hwy 81, signed Tampico. Just past the Cd. Victoria airport I loose my right foot peg. The brake foot peg. Stop. Walk back along the hwy and find it! My Harley has forward controls and the bolt that attaches the foot peg to the brake fluid reservoir didnīt just loosen and come off. It sheared in two. (Flash back to when I dropped this bike in a low water crossing 4 years ago. We just bent the foot peg back to place.) I fetch my bag of bolts in the saddle bags and try various configurations, none of merit. Damn! Iīm wasting time with the damn footpeg! Screaming inside. Decide to just push on. Resting my right foot on the crankcase. Uncomfortable. Unsafe. Damn, damn, damn.

Wasting time with the damn footpeg again!

Just outside of Mante in the late afternoon we stop at a roadside mechanic shop. Iīm pleasantly surprised at how quickly the mechanic evaluates the situation and fixes the foot peg just as good as new. When I ask how much is the charge, he insists nothing. (?!) We both give him 60 pesos.

The mechanic (white shirt) who fixed the foot peg. What's that? A used shoe store behind him?

Counting the miles to Ciudad Valles (57 from Mante) as the day comes to a close. We are deep into Mexico now. I notice round houses with thatched roofs, an old tire at the conical point of the thatch. This brings on a certain nostalgia thatīs hard to explain. This is the Mexico I remember from high school, in 1965. Itīs still here. My heart is aching in a good, sad way. TricePilot calls it an addiction. I call it a curse. Reach Valles just after dark. Welcome home, I'm hearing in my head. Itīs good to be back, thank you.

Check into the Hotel Valles. A veritable oasis.

Great meal at the Bonanza restaurant. Red Queen on TV. Sleep like a baby that night.

There were street taco stands at every corner in our neighborhood in Ciudad Valles

The Bonanza Restaurant, just good eats, open 24/7 in Ciudad Valles

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