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Originally Posted by The Griz
For MPG today, my OBC was throwing numbers pretty consistent with what BMW claims. 60 mpg or so at 55 mph, and 45 mpg or so at 70 mph. However, I'm a bit concerned with the the number it was posting for "miles until fill." With a full tank of gas it was saying 134 miles until fill needed. weird. Shouldn't it say more like 210 or 220 miles? Thoughts?
Originally Posted by Calibob
Same here... When I fill up, my OBC shows a "greater than" > symbol before the projected miles to refill. I read somewhere that this is normal and the OBC won't start counting down until your below the "greater than" predicted mileage.
2100 miles and I have been averaging about 56mpg
75-80 mph highway...
If you consult you Mexican friend Manuel he will tell all (on page 41)....

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