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i'm familiar. it's just not every motorcycle forum where you hear gas laws quoted.

the mage comment was based on an extrapolation that if you're quoting gas laws during a motorcycle discussion that you're probably also a D&D enthusiast.

Originally Posted by Airhead Wrangler
Say what?

I always assumed low comp = less power, less heat.

Boyle's Law of Gases, actually more accurately, the ideal gas law establishes the relationship between amount (in number of molecules), temperature, volume and pressure of a gas.

Given a fixed amount of gas (in number of molecules), decrease the volume and the pressure and temperature will rise. The more you decrease the volume the greater the temperature and pressure. Yes, a gas heats up as it is pressurized. This added heat and pressure results in an increase in combustion pressure and temperature causing a higher compression engine to operate with greater power and more heat.

at least that's how I understand it...
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