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Originally Posted by GSBS
I've been running Mefo Explorers for several sets of tires now on my 03 Dakar (17"R/21"F) and like their relative long life and handling on a mix of street/gravel/dirt.

But over the next few months I'm going to be 95-98% on road with an occasional brief foray on gravel and want a good handling, quiet, more street-oriented tire that's good in the wet or dry and that'll last at least 10K miles front and rear.

I'm looking at either the Avon Distanzas or Gripsters, possibly Michelin Anakees, but would be open to other suggestions.

Any personal experience with these or other street oriented DS tires I may want to check out will be greatly appreciated.


Good street and gravel road experience with my now second set of Anakees...
And as one may expect they are no fun in sand, loose soft dirt or god forbid "MUD".

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