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Alright - this rocks - thanks to everyone for contributing. :)

I recently threw a leg over an 800gs as I'm considering buying one in a couple months.

My main concern was the pain I felt on the inside of my thighs after bein gon a bike in the showroom!

Sitting (on the center stand) was no biggie), but when feet-down (like at a stop light), the seat cushion dug inot my thighs - it was painful for about 20 minutes after I got off the bike...LOL

So, has anyone else noticed this? I'm running a 30" inseam here, so not really expecting to flat-foot on this bike, BUT, I'm also unwilling to spend $11k without a remedy for this issue. ;) The 800 will be my primary mode of transport in Sunny Seattle in a couple months, so furry sheep derrier's won't cut it for me... ;)

The DL1000 is much more comfortable in this regard, though it's not an 800GS now, is it?
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