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Originally Posted by Stagehand
i got the D+D reference

just for the record, I do get laid, (occasionally) and I dont live in my parents basement, but occasionally I get laid in my parents basement. Once I even got laid in the basement playing D+D, but I'm sure this is too much info. And here we were discussing gas laws a moment ago, and also for hte record I think you (Dat) should definitely try the fork oil route first.

Also for the record, I have never seen an aircooled bike much over 10:1, and all the 12:1's I know are heavily auxcooled, so I would think the more compression would equal more heat, despite the inefficient burn of low comp.

Looking back, i realize this adds very little, but I like this thread.
I did not get the D&D even though i played it. However i thought he was talking about the card game called Magic the Gathering which i never played...

Alright i never lived in my parent's basement since they never had one, I got laid plenty times playing role playing games...well in the game :) I have to confess i get laid sometimes too(not depending on me though :) ... but so far the only one giving me pleasure whenever i want has two wheels and is parked in the garage

i don t know much about the high compression thingy and heat...sorry
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