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Highway 85, the old Pan-American Hwy

It's 1:30 (?!!) before we get off.
Another wet day. Mist & slippery mud in Cd. Valles. Slow going on Hwy 85 south of Valles. Saturday traffic, the hwy is full of Mexican day trippers headed for Aquismon and Xilitla. Twisty road treacherously wet with thin covering of muddy slime. It's not really raining, the moisture and mist are suspended in the air. Everything gets wet. The clouds are low, maybe 100 feet ceiling, cover the tops of the forest covered hills, giving a rainforest feel.

Hwy 85 south of Cd. Valles. Slick with slimy mud. Old tire at point of conical thatched roof, typical of the area.

Another wet day. Hwy 85 at the Aquismon cut-off

The clouds are low, covering the tops of the forest covered hills, giving a rain forest feel

We were curious about Aquismon, as we had spent a couple of days here 5 years ago on our very first Mexico road trip.
Nobody was there back then. Its only a few miles off the Hwy so we made the short trip. Seems Aquismon has been discovered. Lots of traffic, congestion, and Mexican tourists.

Aquismon. Much more crowded than when we stayed here 5 years ago. Such is life. Stay ahead of the curve.

A stop in Aquismon. Clayton has been to Sturgis a few times, evidenced by his sleeve patches

We parked our bikes right in the middle of the "taxi only" parking, good Gringos that we are. The taxistas were extremely tolerant and polite about the fax paux.

Aquismon juice stand

Plaza scene, Aquismon

Tamazunchale. Another muddy place. Bumper to bumper stop-n-go traffic thru town. Very unattractive town. Beautiful setting among the hills but an ugly concrete town.

The Hornet gets down and dirty. Tamazunchale. Here you can see the infamous foot peg.

That's my 'Hornet. Slight seep at the solenoid.

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