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Tires are in!

I've never noticed how large the difference between tires is until now that I've got several types side by side.

Here's the rear of the Duro next to the rear of the Distanzia:

Yes, that's the rear and yes, they're both 120/80-18s. I had to check. The Distanzia is very narrow and very round while the Duro is wide and flat. The Kenda K761 is in between-but it's closer to the Duro.

I definitely think taking actual measurements like what StephenB mentioned would be valuable considering how different two tires of the same claimed size are. I'm going to wait until I have them mounted since that'd make a difference on the shape and width of the tire. The Distanzia probably looks a little worse in this picture because of the lack of a spacer--they didn't put one in. If I was mounting this tubeless I'd never get the bead to seat.

Here's another shot:

The difference is so stark that the Duro looks like it ought to be on a smaller rim.

Here's the fronts:

Same thing, the Distanzia is narrow and round while the Duro is very wide and flat. It's like comparing a tennis ball to a 2x4. Laying next to the Distanzia the Duro looks like it's a rear tire. Both are 90/90-21s. I'd assume this will make the Distanzia turn faster and the Duro feel heavier. The Duro will definitely have a larger footprint for hill climbs. It's the flattest dualsport tire I've ever seen. I always liked the feel of them on my KLR.

The Distanzias will go on for my trip down south, the Duros will be waiting till I get back in July or August.

I can't wait to get these Maxxis tires off. While I'm leaned over in a corner, if I barely add any steering input it goes all crazy. It's very sensitive. Unless I'm signed up for an offroad race like the Sandblast or something, I won't put knobbies like this on again. I definitely don't recommend anything below 50/50 if you plan on spending a lot of time on pavement.
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