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Just for the record, I visited one of our fellow ADVers yesterday who had cleaned out his cat and closed off the side. The bike sounded great and was not nearly as loud as I expected. not all that much louder than my Staintune. I have a canister on the right and it adds room but the real bonus is in segregating the tools from other stuff. The net effect is as if you gained more room than you really did. Plus if I run around with no luggage at all I still have tools.

Originally Posted by tmotten
Plus, what is easier than drilling out the end cap hole and closing off the connection pipe. IF it’s as simple as that. If it’s not, I’ll have to decide whether of not to go the whole hog or to reinstate it. [/COLOR]

Couldn’t really care less about the cat. It’s the can I’m after. I realise in litres it’s not a big amount, but I should be able to fit all tools and spares for a big trip in 2 of them. That would make my life a lot easier. Keeping in mind I don’t have these to go hard on, but travel on.
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