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Wrapup on the 2008: I sold it because I was having surgery, and needed money more than I needed a bike to sit motionless in my garage all winter. FWIW, I sold my 2007 250 XCW (2-stroke) at the same time, so I was down to zero dirtbikes for a winter, which is not a comfortable place to be.

Hair from this site bought it and still has it I believe, running strong.

The 2009 offers some improvements worth mentioning. First, out of the box the suspension is pretty darn good. Excellent, even. The 08, in my opinion, was way off, as discussed earlier in this thread. Second, there are a few part number refinements within the motor, including some seals and the piston rings, which offer a substantial improvement in, well, something, supposedly. Third, as always, KTM makes some minor refinements, to improve things like the frame boss that was in the way of pulling the cam, etc. Not major, but it's nice that they pay attention and sort things out. And finally, have you seen those new graphics?

I got my new bike from KTM Aspen, and they are a bang up shop. They know their stuff, they'll turn you on to what you need (jetting, etc etc), and they'll do everything they can to make a good deal. Website linked above.
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