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Originally Posted by Desk Jockey
xrider, i'd like to take you up on your offer of schematics--and then maybe persuade you to take a peek at my rat's nest of a wiring job on my 02 XR650r (w/ ricky stator, dual sport kit. maybe joe racer? baja d? not certain).

anyway, i've got 8, count 'em, 8 wires coming out of my stator. i've got 2 green ones, 2 white ones, and the 4 multi-color. one green and one white go to the regulator/rectifier. the other green and the other white go nowhere. i'm thinking this pair is the other half of my 200w ricky stator just waiting to be used as AC power in the future?

the regulator/rectifier itself has 4 short wires, 2 of which are connected to the aforementioned green & white from the stator. the other two are black and red, and the rectifier itself has a diagram on its side showing red and black going to the battery -- and to "LOAD". a few splices here, splices there, double fused this, taped up that, and red does go to the battery eventually, and also to a white wire (whose tiny letters say "ground"). This white wire then runs parallel to three other wires all the way up to the headlight area. This must be my "kit". Stock kit or aftermarket kit, I'm not sure. The black wire also goes to the battery, after going through a ground, and also to and from a kill/power/toggle switch rigged into the rear fender. when the switch is off, lights are off and bike won't start. when switch is on, lights and signals and horn all work and bike can be kick started.

But then i've also got the 4 multi-color wires from the stator connecting in ones, twos, and threes to all kinds of other wires in crazy ways, some to a "Denso" card-deck sized box (my CDI?) where it splits again and a wrapped bundle goes toward the headlight area. i believe a green and a black/yellow wire split out of this bundle and into a black doohickey and then on to the spark plug. nice. i get it. still not sure what to make of all the other wires that seem to have no connection at all. Or do they, somewhere under the wraps?

dismounting the headlight, i've got about 30 wires under there. nuts! it's like i have two or three full kits on there or something. anyway, i'm enjoying learning something new and following where all these go. long winded way of saying, "Please!"

Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh.......Run away!

Just kidding, let's start by PMing me your email address so I can send you the schematics as an attachment. Are you located anyware near my shop?
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